Block Management / Services to Property Owners
Our Address:
Scott Hall House
Sheepscar Street North

Opening Times:
Monday to Friday -
9am to 5pm.
Saturday and Sunday - Closed.

Property Letting Viewing Times:
Monday to Friday -
9.30am to 4.30 pm.
Saturday and Sunday – No Viewings.

Properly running and maintaining a multi-dwelling property requires the knowledge and expertise of an experienced property manager.  We have been managing property since 1831.

Our management service is tailored to meet the exact requirements of each scheme. This includes organizing maintenance of the main structure of the building to the interior and exterior of the common parts/communal areas, care of the grounds and security and caretaking.

Our exact duties will vary according to the individual leases and the properties themselves but mainly will consist of :-

  1. Preparing a budget of anticipated expenditure prior to each financial year.
  2. Organising buildings insurance.
  3. Arranging for repairs and renewals as required
  4. Arranging for the cleaning and lighting of the Common Parts (hallways, staircases, etc.)
  5. Arranging for gardening and maintenance of the communal grounds
  6. Arranging for lift maintenance, intercoms (where appropriate)
  7. Arranging for external and internal redecorations as they become due
  8. Appointing and overseeing managers/caretakers (if applicable)

As well as organising all the above, we will visit the property regularly to ensure that work is being carried out satisfactorily and to see if further work is needed.

The costs of such repairs and maintenance are recovered from the individual Leaseholders in the proportions detailed in your lease.

In addition we will maintain records of all payments and receipts for each property, deal with individual Leaseholders queries.

We are not responsible for the repairs to the interior of your individual property or any design faults in the original construction or conversion.

We allocate to each property an individual Manager who visits on a regular basis, is familiar with the particular property, creates a liaison with Leaseholders and/or Residents Associations and is generally responsible for the day to day activities relating to the upkeep of each property.

Repairs – Catherine Needham –

Accounts – Jane Waterton –



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