Auctions / General Conditions of Sale
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1) The properties are sold subject to the following conditions and the Special conditions which will be available for inspection at the offices of the auctioneer's or vendor's solicitors for a period of seven days prior to the sale. Purchasers shall be deemed to purchase with full knowledge thereof whether inspected or not. Should there be any variation between the sales particulars or these conditions and the special conditions of sale the latter shall prevail.

2) The vendors and the Auctioneers reserve the right to alter or to add to the particulars and conditions of sale at any time prior to the sale.

3) Unless otherwise stated, each lot is subject to a reserve price whether declared or not and the right of the Vendor or any person on behalf of the vendor to bid up to that price.

4) The vendor reserves the right to a) divide the property into lots, rearrange or consolidate any lots b) without disclosing the reserve price to withdraw from the sale any property at any time before it has been sold whether or not the sale has begun.

5) The Auctioneer:

  1. Reserves the right to regulate the bidding.
  2. May refuse to accept a bid.
  3. In the case off a dispute as to any bid may forthwith determine the dispute or again put up the property or lot at the last undisputed bid.

6) The successful bidders shall forthwith after the fall of the hammer give their name and address to the auctioneer and complete and sign the contract and pay a deposit of the higher of 10% of the purchase price, or £1,000 to the vendors solicitor if present or otherwise to the auctioneers. Any deposits whilst in the possession of the auctioneers are held as stakeholders.

7) The auctioneer reserves the right to withhold the Memorandum f contract signed by the vendors or the auctioneer on their behalf until the purchaser's cheque for the deposit has been cleared.

8) If any cheque given as a deposit shall be dishonoured upon presentation or a purchaser fails to pay a deposit on acceptance of their bid then without notice the vendor shall have the right to deem such conduct as a repudiation of the Contract and may resell without notice or without prejudice to the vendors rights to claim damages for such repudiation and or take any steps which may be available as a consequence of the purchasers breach of contract.

9) The date for completion shall be 28 days after the date of the auction unless the special conditions provide otherwise.

10) The vendors reserve the right to sell prior to the Auction.

11) It shall be the Purchasers liability to satisfy themselves before making a bid as to the accuracy of all matters contained in the particulars of sale. All dimensions and areas are approximate.

12) The purchaser shall be deemed to have made local land charge searches and enquiries of all relevant authorities and have knowledge of all matters which would be disclosed thereby and shall purchase subject to all such matters.

13) The purchaser will reimburse the costs, if any, of obtaining local land charge searches.

14) The properties are sold subject to any existing tenancies, leases, agreements or licences referred to in the particulars of sale and or special conditions of sale. Whether or not purchasers have inspected such documents and any other matters subject to which a property is sold they shall be deemed to purchase with full knowledge of the contents and shall make no objections or raise any requisition thereto notwithstanding partial, incomplete or inaccurate statements in the particulars nor shall any objection be taken to the absence of any agreement in writing with an occupier.

15) The only representation made or intended to be implied in relation to tenancy is that the amount of rent stated are the rents actually payable or being paid and no representation is made that those rents are properly chargeable. No representation is made that any notices served were valid in proper form or properly served and vendors shall not be required to furnish copies of any such notices served by them or their predecessor in title and Vendors shall not be liable to make compensation for any rents found to be improperly increased or not legally chargeable. Purchasers shall be satisfied with such evidence or information of the terms of any tenancy as the vendors can supply.

16) Nothing shall be incorporated in any sale by way of condition, warranty or representation in the case of any tenancy that there are or not subsisting any sub-tenancies or similar occupations. Whether or not any such shall be disclosed at or before the Auction the Purchaser shall be deemed to purchase with full knowledge or any that there may be and no objection or requisition shall be made on account thereof.

17) Purchasers shall satisfy themselves as to the ownership or fixtures, fittings and installations in the properties being sold. All items remaining on unoccupied premises at the date of completion are deemed to be included in the sale.

18) Purchasers shall be responsible for complying with any schedule of dilapidations which shall be served either before or after the date of sale.

19) The vendors and the auctioneers make no warranty, nor is any to be implied, that the use of the demised premises is authorised under the planning acts, leases, or otherwise, for any specific purpose.

20) The Properties are sold subject to Notices, Orders, Restrictions, Agreements or Requirements affecting them under Town and Country Planning Acts and each purchaser will take the relevant property subject to and be responsible for complying with the same. No warranty whatsoever is made intended or to be implied as to whether the same is subject to any resolutions, schemes, development orders, improvement notices or notices under the Housing acts, Public Health Acts or Building Regulations or as to whether any property is in an area where redevelopment, road widening or schemes may be proposed or envisaged and each purchaser shall be deemed to purchase with full knowledge of all such matters. Neither the vendors nor the Auctioneers shall be in any way liable in respect of such matters or failure to disclose the same it being solely the duty of each purchaser to satisfy themselves at their own risk.

21) It shall be the purchasers responsibility to satisfy themselves as to the state of the structure of the property or the state of repair thereof. No warranty is made or to be implied and the purchaser shall be deemed to acknowledge that they were not induced to purchase by any representations whether written or oral by or on behalf of the vendor as to the state and condition.

The General Conditions of Sale are also printed on the back of our auction catalogue.

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