Block Management / How We Charge for Our Services
Our Address:
Scott Hall House
Sheepscar Street North

Opening Times:
Monday to Friday -
9am to 5pm.
Saturday and Sunday - Closed.

Property Letting Viewing Times:
Monday to Friday -
9.30am to 4.30 pm.
Saturday and Sunday – No Viewings.

Our Management fees are made up of two elements:

1. Fixed Fees

Our Fixed Fee is designed to cover all of the activities that we know will happen every year. The fee is based on Multiplying the number of units in the Building or Estate by our standard charge per unit. The charge per unit varies, dependant on the size and location of your building and the types of units within it (houses, flats, commercial units etc.). The total of this fee will be charged to the Service Charge fund and apportioned between the individual service charge payers in accordance with their obligations.
The Fixed element of our fee will cover the following items:-

• Keeping records of Residents’ and Tenancy details

• Opening and handling Service Charge bank accounts

• Preparing and sending out Service Charge Budgets/Estimates

• Collecting Service Charge contributions from lessees

• Collecting routine Service Charge arrears (where no, or limited, disputes arise)

• Paying regular bills

• Accounting for Service Charges (though not the preparation of the final Service Charge accounts)

• Providing standard information to accountants and / or auditors for the preparation of annual Service Charge and corporate accounts.

• Visiting the property and visually checking the general condition and the standard of the service provision

• Regular visits to supervise scheme staff, if there are any 

• Dealing with necessary repairs, but not major repairs

• Preparing specifications and contracts for minor works and services such as cleaning, gardening, etc. but excluding extensive tendering processes.

• Entering into and managing maintenance contracts (excluding extensive tendering processes).

• Administering buildings and other insurance (as allowed by the FSA), though not claim handling.

• Consultation on management matters.

• Employing and liaising with staff i.e. caretakers, wardens etc. (employees of the Service Charge Fund). Though not dealing with staff disputes, disciplinary actions or payroll matters.

• Routine liaison with Residents Associations or the Directors of Resident Companies during normal office hours(where additional liaison is required additional charges may be made)

2. Other Charges

All Items that are not specifically mentioned above will be charged for in addition to the Fixed fee. This includes, but is not limited to:-
• Health and Safety inspections (usually carried out every 1-3 years),
• Asbestos Inspections, Fire Risk Assessments
• Conveyancing enquires
• Permissions, including to sub-let and for non-structural alterations
• Receipt of notices of assignment
• Final notices issued before commencement of legal action for debt recovery
• Processing Standing Orders
• Removal of abandoned vehicles
• Company secretarial work
• All works in anticipation of, or in undertaking major repairs
• Advice on RTM / Collective enfranchisement
• Employment Payroll services
• On site employee complaints and or disciplinary actions
• Preparation of annual service charge accounts
• Independent review of service charge accounts
• Handling Insurance Claims

The basis for the additional charges will be the amount of time spent and the skill level of the staff involved in undertaking the work (this is the same way that Lawyers, Accountants and Surveyors charge for their non-standard services).
A full Schedule of our current charges is available to any of our customers, on request.

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