Block Management / Emergency Repairs Contacts
Our Address:
Scott Hall House
Sheepscar Street North

Opening Times:
Monday to Friday -
9am to 5pm.
Saturday and Sunday - Closed.

Property Letting Viewing Times:
Monday to Friday -
9.30am to 4.30 pm.
Saturday and Sunday – No Viewings.

In the event of an emergency to the common parts or structure please contact the following:

Emergency Roofing Repairs: Mr Steve Hartley. Tel: 07796 985512

Plumbing and Gas: For plumbing and gas heating emergencies contact James Atkinson Tel: 07709 305560

General Emergency Repairs:

Wenham Electrical & Security. Tel: 0113 210 0675

Out of hours locksmith - Michael. Tel: 07578 904 353

For Properties in Hull:  Mr Andrew Gregory. Tel:  07894 463119

If these contractors are called out for what are private matters then you will be responsible for their call out and repair charges.

Repairs: Catherine Needham – Tel: 0113 284 9750








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